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waste disposal machine

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To break the traditional blade mixing, the barrel type mixing is adopted. The barrel design is mainly used to prevent the motor from being stopped when encountering large objects or overweight garbage and to prevent the blade from breaking. At the same time, it can save the damage of some core parts, such as the maintenance and replacement of easily damaged parts such as bearings and waterproof oil seals, and save a lot of maintenance probability and cost, such as a 20t machine bearing or oil When the seal damage needs to be repaired, it needs 5-10 manpower and heavy lifting settings to complete the repair task department. The simplified technology becomes simpler and saves a lot of accessories,

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Treatment and disposal of waste

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Les micro-organismes sont utilisés pour digérer les ordures. Il ne faut que quelques heures pour transformer les ordures en l'air après leur mise en place. Seule une petite partie d'entre elles devien


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